Driving with Personality

Alright, so the last couple days there has been multiple accidents, and this has happened during sunny days.  I found myself in deep thought throughout the whole day in disbelief on how such accidents has happened.

After thinking about it and making sense of things, I came down to just not the emotional aspect, but more into the personality types that are on the road, which is very diverse.  Imagine us drivers, a mixing pot of many emotions hitting the road.

We got happy drivers who are the most relaxed ones of them all.  Turn signals are always on point, letting others in front of them during heavy traffic, and keeping a safe distance from people.

On the opposite side of the road, we have the sad drivers.  The one who cringe at the thought of going to work, dreading to go to their next destinations, wishing they were home instead of driving.  Being that they are in an emotional state, they have the tendency to ponder off into another world, focusing more on their situation than others.

The most dangerous drivers, the ones who rage, them mad drivers.  These are the most potent drivers on the road.  Their emotional state has gone unstable and uncontrollable.  Mad drivers have this energy that comes out in their driving.  You can easily spot one out in the crowd, no signaling, giving everyone the eye like it’s their fault, when in reality it’s theirs, even worse of all, tailgating like their in a rush, or they are at the end of their lifeline.

I try to put in perspective of these drivers, maybe their late for church on a Monday night, maybe their late to see their spouses at home, their pets are running out of water and they might die of dehydration, or maybe their late for work (really, who gives a crap about work, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else).  What ever the reason, the world will never know, all drivers are confined in their little space on four wheels, listening to music (or maybe no music, just silence, pondering like Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs), traveling on a machine to their next destination.

Unfortunately during these travels, we have unexpected events that come to us, or we ourselves had caused towards others.  Accidents are mostly avoidable and we all know that.  When we first studied for our drivers permit, I’m pretty confident their was a 2 second rule when following behind a vehicle.  I graduated back in 2002 and I still remember that, it’s been about 14 years now, and I still know that.  I have to admit though, that not everyone driving are bright, and had to take their drivers test on more than one occasion.

Every time I see a long line of traffic building up from an accident, my saying is always the same, “Someone always has to fuck it up for everyone else!”.  And yes that is true,  especially to the tailgaters who are banging everyday decent drivers in the rear, and after the event has happened, they would rather blame everyone else.  Oh yes I’m pointing to you their, the one getting offended, why do you have to be an IDIOSO, IDIOT, DUMB MORON!!!

If you catch yourself laughing, than you know what I mean, we’re the one saying among ourselves with our hand up saying, “What is wrong with this idiot!, clinching our steering wheels, nodding our heads, and hopefully saying “GOOD FOR YOU!” as we pass on by to our next destination.

On the other hand, we know there are victims in these accidents, and we feel compassion for these people,and would do our best to call for help, but you idiot drivers, why do you have to mess things up for everyone else.

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