Small Things to Great Things

Walking through your everyday routine, moving from location to the next, finishing up your last of your errands for the day, then calling it for the day.  Sounds like the typical average persons, same old boring situation, leading into the next phase of what you may call life.

I caught myself in a hypnotic frame of thought, staring endlessly at the ground.  I wasn’t noticing that until maybe a few minutes later.  What was I doing ?  In my short trance, I was noticing small objects, maybe an ant, or a pebble on the ground.  For some reason in appreciation of things around me, not even once in that moment was I worried about anything.  I pictured in my mind the next biggest thing and goal to achieve.  Within those moments, I have layered out a blueprint of my stepping stones that will lead to bigger things.

Too many times I have noticed that many people don’t ever take notice of small things.  In your simple movements, there is a moment, where maybe an idea is dead smack in your face.  And the only thing we did was take a glimpse without fully taking notice and understanding what the opportunity was.

Consider the small thing a break in your routine, a breather, a time out or a way to pick yourself back up.  Picture yourself walking and they’re is a dog wagging its tail and smiling directly at you.  You can’t help, but take notice.  You end up taking time to stop walking, just to take a look and maybe pet the dog, give it a “Good Boy” compliment, and went on your merry way.  Unnoticeable to yourself, others notice yourself smiling and in a state of being uplifted and happier.

Although this is a very small thing, in just that moment, you have been elevated from your current level, and had made it to another pedestal.  This little moment, might be that little catapult to finish the next big thing, maybe going the extra distance in your walk, resulting in accomplishing a bigger goal than intended at the start.

A small thing could be taking notice of an object and appreciating it in the moment, like a flower.  A cool breeze on a hot day, giving you a little break to rejuvenate.  Sitting at a park, enjoying the view of landscape in your busy day.  Drinking a cup of coffee, noticing the difference in taste and smell of the aroma.  No matter what it may be, something so small can lead to great things.

I can go into more details about this subject, but I thought this would be a great idea that a lot of people tend to forget.  As simple as it may sound, a great number of people don’t ever consider how much small things can affect the next course of our destination.

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