Diabetes Type 2 Reversal

Diabetes, an imbalance of insulin from the pancreas.  This subject has been a big topic among family members for years.  To many times especially as of late, people have become really concern about health issues, but the solution has always been in the roots that has since been set from the beginning of time.  When I say roots, I really do mean roots like going back to vegetation and organic foods.

We have this image that sugar is the cause of diabetes, but that’s just a myth in itself that no one really understands.  Only by hearing and word of mouth this major belief that sugar is the main cause of the imbalance.  Let’s take a look at sugar for a moment, like for example pure cane sugar.  Once extracted it’s still just pure organic sugar, still from the roots.  Now let’s take another example, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in soda.  It might have been organic at one point, up until the process to create and manufacture corn syrup.  That process in itself destroys the purity of it’s original contents and therefor making it not organic.  You put pure sugar cane sugar into your system, your body will naturally release insulin to control glucose levels and still have that balance in the system.  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) on the other hand because it’s no longer organic and went through a manufacturing process, our bodies react quite differently.  The body itself doesn’t know how much insulin to release, stuck in confusion because the amount of time it takes to get rid of HFCS.

This example is just a little of tickle of what is really going on as far as dieting is concerned for Diabetics.  I found it funny this one time when a diabetic argued they were on a diet and was in desperation for a fellow family member to take their medications and insulin shots, but unconsciously, they were drinking a diet soda.  Yes there is no calories, no sugar for the imbalance in insulin level, but thought wrong.  Not knowing that the “Artificial” sweetener is not organic, but was found by accident by scientists trying to find an alternative insecticide or coal tar derivative.  So like I said in the beginning, we have to to take it back to the roots, back to organic.

When others wonder why my wife who has Type 2 Diabetes is not taking Metformin medication or insulin shots, it’s because her change in diet going back to organic and avoiding manufactured inorganic ingredients.  On top of that, her blood sugar levels have consistently been close to the 120’s, while others still struggle to even get close to those levels claiming they are on a diet.  Really do check your ingredients and pick out which is organic from manufactured garbage that you are polluting your already god gifted bodies.

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