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An email I received on How to Win Friends and Influence People

Here is an email I receive periodically on How to Win Friends and Influence People.  I thought about you readers and how you would benefit from it.  So here it is, invest in yourselves and grow, I would love to hear of your success.  Thanks.

Why Most People Will Never Be Successful

“Success” isn’t just having lots of money. Many people with lots of money have horribly unhappy and radically imbalanced lives.
Success is continuously improving who you are, how you live, how you serve, and how you relate.

So why won’t most people be successful?

Why don’t most people evolve?

The more evolved you become, the more focused you must be on those few things which matter most. Yet, as Jim Rohn has said, “A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.”

To be successful, you can’t continue being with low frequency people for long periods of time.

You can’t continue eating crappy food, regardless of your spouse’s or colleague’s food choices.

Your days must consistency be spent on high quality activities.

The more successful you become — which is balancing the few essential things (spiritual, relational, financial, physical) in your life and removing everything else — the less you can justify low quality.

Before you evolve, you can reasonably spend time with just about anyone.

You can reasonably eat anything placed in front of you.

You can reasonably justify activities and behaviors that are, frankly, mediocre.

As your vision for yourself expands, you realize you have to make certain adjustments. You need to cut-back on spending all of your money and time on crap and entertainment. You have to save more, and invest more in your education and your future.

The more successful you become, the less you can justify low quality. The more focused you must become. The more consistently your daily behaviors must be high quality — and increasingly higher quality.

This isn’t about perfection. It’s definitely not about being busy all the time. Actually, the balance of true success involves what Tim Ferriss calls “mini-retirements” or regular sabbaticals.

Yet, if your daily behaviors are consistently low quality, what do you expect your life’s output to be?

Your choices must become higher quality.

Your relationships must become higher quality.

Every area of your life affects every other area of your life. Hence the saying, How you do anything is how you do everything. This is very high level thinking. It only makes sense for people who have removed everything from their lives they hate.

To actually live this principle: your daily and normal life can only be filled with those things you highly value.

When your days are filled with only those core essentials that mean the world to you — and you’re succeeding in those few areas — you absolutely will dominate in “all” areas of your life. Because the only things in your life are the things you highly value. Everything else has slowly been weeded-out. You are living intentionally and congruently. You have momentum and balance.

You’re being who you truly want to be, every single day.

To actually do this not only takes time, but is extremely hard to live in practice.

Saying “No” to great but irrelevant opportunities is hard.

Giving up bad habits is hard.

Changing your belief system and expanding your vision takes courage. It’s so easy to revert back to small and mediocre thinking.

However, as you come closer to living on a daily basis with your values and ideals, amazing things start to happen. You’ll feel happier. You’ll be more present with those you love. You’ll spend your time better. You’ll pursue bigger dreams and ambitions.

You’ll be more resilient during challenges. You’ll live at a higher frequency. And everything around you will reflect that.

But to repeat Jim Rohn, “A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.” Said another way, most people are caught in the thick of thin things.

Hence, most people won’t be successful. Most people won’t evolve and progress.

But you will. You know it, and you can feel it. You’ve already begun. And everyday, you’re taking one step closer.

Soon enough, you’ll fully commit to being who you know you can be. Once you pass that point of no return, nothing will stop you.

*At the time of this post, I have less than 2 hours to nap before the stock market opens, and realize that I’ll have less than 4 hours of sleep, tired as it seems, I’m excited to help benefit others through my blogs.  Thanks for your support.

Making use of our precious time

We go through many distractions in our daily routines.  Just our preparations for work takes a huge amount of our time in a day, roughly 8 hours.  With just 24 hours, that leaves us with 16 hours.  Lets take into consideration time for traveling, lets put an estimated 2 hours.  Now we have 14 hours left.  How about eating our meals, yup, another 3 hours deducted, 11 hours left.  Not to mention sleep, another 8 hours taken away, yup, 3 hours left.  Let’s take into consideration chores and other errands.  Those 3 precious hours, what do we do with that, how do we find the time, and what do we do with so little time.

That 3 or 4 hours is totally up to you on how you spend them.  The big question to ask yourself, if you were to progress through life and better yourself, what are we willing to do for a moment for our own development ?  View the bigger picture, what we do in life is the accumulation of our thoughts.  If we can only develop ourselves each and every day, we would set ourselves for a better future, and also set us in a better position tomorrow.  Just to take time even if it’s just 10 minutes a day to visualize our thoughts and plan.  It could be through a little bit of reading, learning new things, a different insight of life, and even helping others.

What ever those moments are, those precious moments and necessary for development to daily success.  Success doesn’t have to be monumental, it could be something as small as getting something done.  Every single day, we should be investing into ourselves if we want a better future.  So utilizing those precious time that you have in your day, use that time wisely, better yourself, and it turn your situation will become abundant.

*At this time this post was created, I have just under 3 hours till the stock market opens up, and realize I will have just under 4 hours of sleep till I wake up for work

Diabetes Type 2 Reversal

Diabetes, an imbalance of insulin from the pancreas.  This subject has been a big topic among family members for years.  To many times especially as of late, people have become really concern about health issues, but the solution has always been in the roots that has since been set from the beginning of time.  When I say roots, I really do mean roots like going back to vegetation and organic foods.

We have this image that sugar is the cause of diabetes, but that’s just a myth in itself that no one really understands.  Only by hearing and word of mouth this major belief that sugar is the main cause of the imbalance.  Let’s take a look at sugar for a moment, like for example pure cane sugar.  Once extracted it’s still just pure organic sugar, still from the roots.  Now let’s take another example, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in soda.  It might have been organic at one point, up until the process to create and manufacture corn syrup.  That process in itself destroys the purity of it’s original contents and therefor making it not organic.  You put pure sugar cane sugar into your system, your body will naturally release insulin to control glucose levels and still have that balance in the system.  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) on the other hand because it’s no longer organic and went through a manufacturing process, our bodies react quite differently.  The body itself doesn’t know how much insulin to release, stuck in confusion because the amount of time it takes to get rid of HFCS.

This example is just a little of tickle of what is really going on as far as dieting is concerned for Diabetics.  I found it funny this one time when a diabetic argued they were on a diet and was in desperation for a fellow family member to take their medications and insulin shots, but unconsciously, they were drinking a diet soda.  Yes there is no calories, no sugar for the imbalance in insulin level, but thought wrong.  Not knowing that the “Artificial” sweetener is not organic, but was found by accident by scientists trying to find an alternative insecticide or coal tar derivative.  So like I said in the beginning, we have to to take it back to the roots, back to organic.

When others wonder why my wife who has Type 2 Diabetes is not taking Metformin medication or insulin shots, it’s because her change in diet going back to organic and avoiding manufactured inorganic ingredients.  On top of that, her blood sugar levels have consistently been close to the 120’s, while others still struggle to even get close to those levels claiming they are on a diet.  Really do check your ingredients and pick out which is organic from manufactured garbage that you are polluting your already god gifted bodies.

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No Negative Zone

Since the last time I had blogged, I had gone through a change of not accepting negativity.  Zero tolerance for negativity has brought forth a change unlike anything I had encountered in my 33 years of existence.

Prior to this moment in time, I recall all those moments I had become negative for any reason, that the negative moment had set back progression.  What I found more dangerous is the fact that my thoughts as well my words were the start of it all.  Just listen to any person out there and listen to the words that come out of their mouths.  You will find it even more shocking that what people say correlates to what is going on in their current lifestyles.

Knowing that one fact I decided to disconnect myself from as much negative areas in my life.  I started to be aware of the words coming out of my mouth and also the people I surrounded myself with.  Even to the point I had stay away from certain family members in the process.  Not to say I am not a family person, but when we are in our lives set to achieve a goal so monumental, it is destined for us to be on a path for success, temporary separation is necessary.

My results from just a month of no negativity is astounding.  After reflection of the last few weeks, there is an obvious change in my environment and progress.  I started noticing my progression in my own personal studies to self employment is more focused than ever.  It helps to be surrounded with positive forces that gives that extra push to achievement.  Second, the people that are around me are noticing that change in myself, which in turn has opened a mind set of a few others.  Overall, very beneficial not only for myself, but also for those around me.  Try it sometime.

Accept all things great that are positive and enforce a “No Negative Zone.”

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Small Things to Great Things

Walking through your everyday routine, moving from location to the next, finishing up your last of your errands for the day, then calling it for the day.  Sounds like the typical average persons, same old boring situation, leading into the next phase of what you may call life.

I caught myself in a hypnotic frame of thought, staring endlessly at the ground.  I wasn’t noticing that until maybe a few minutes later.  What was I doing ?  In my short trance, I was noticing small objects, maybe an ant, or a pebble on the ground.  For some reason in appreciation of things around me, not even once in that moment was I worried about anything.  I pictured in my mind the next biggest thing and goal to achieve.  Within those moments, I have layered out a blueprint of my stepping stones that will lead to bigger things.

Too many times I have noticed that many people don’t ever take notice of small things.  In your simple movements, there is a moment, where maybe an idea is dead smack in your face.  And the only thing we did was take a glimpse without fully taking notice and understanding what the opportunity was.

Consider the small thing a break in your routine, a breather, a time out or a way to pick yourself back up.  Picture yourself walking and they’re is a dog wagging its tail and smiling directly at you.  You can’t help, but take notice.  You end up taking time to stop walking, just to take a look and maybe pet the dog, give it a “Good Boy” compliment, and went on your merry way.  Unnoticeable to yourself, others notice yourself smiling and in a state of being uplifted and happier.

Although this is a very small thing, in just that moment, you have been elevated from your current level, and had made it to another pedestal.  This little moment, might be that little catapult to finish the next big thing, maybe going the extra distance in your walk, resulting in accomplishing a bigger goal than intended at the start.

A small thing could be taking notice of an object and appreciating it in the moment, like a flower.  A cool breeze on a hot day, giving you a little break to rejuvenate.  Sitting at a park, enjoying the view of landscape in your busy day.  Drinking a cup of coffee, noticing the difference in taste and smell of the aroma.  No matter what it may be, something so small can lead to great things.

I can go into more details about this subject, but I thought this would be a great idea that a lot of people tend to forget.  As simple as it may sound, a great number of people don’t ever consider how much small things can affect the next course of our destination.

Driving with Personality

Alright, so the last couple days there has been multiple accidents, and this has happened during sunny days.  I found myself in deep thought throughout the whole day in disbelief on how such accidents has happened.

After thinking about it and making sense of things, I came down to just not the emotional aspect, but more into the personality types that are on the road, which is very diverse.  Imagine us drivers, a mixing pot of many emotions hitting the road.

We got happy drivers who are the most relaxed ones of them all.  Turn signals are always on point, letting others in front of them during heavy traffic, and keeping a safe distance from people.

On the opposite side of the road, we have the sad drivers.  The one who cringe at the thought of going to work, dreading to go to their next destinations, wishing they were home instead of driving.  Being that they are in an emotional state, they have the tendency to ponder off into another world, focusing more on their situation than others.

The most dangerous drivers, the ones who rage, them mad drivers.  These are the most potent drivers on the road.  Their emotional state has gone unstable and uncontrollable.  Mad drivers have this energy that comes out in their driving.  You can easily spot one out in the crowd, no signaling, giving everyone the eye like it’s their fault, when in reality it’s theirs, even worse of all, tailgating like their in a rush, or they are at the end of their lifeline.

I try to put in perspective of these drivers, maybe their late for church on a Monday night, maybe their late to see their spouses at home, their pets are running out of water and they might die of dehydration, or maybe their late for work (really, who gives a crap about work, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else).  What ever the reason, the world will never know, all drivers are confined in their little space on four wheels, listening to music (or maybe no music, just silence, pondering like Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs), traveling on a machine to their next destination.

Unfortunately during these travels, we have unexpected events that come to us, or we ourselves had caused towards others.  Accidents are mostly avoidable and we all know that.  When we first studied for our drivers permit, I’m pretty confident their was a 2 second rule when following behind a vehicle.  I graduated back in 2002 and I still remember that, it’s been about 14 years now, and I still know that.  I have to admit though, that not everyone driving are bright, and had to take their drivers test on more than one occasion.

Every time I see a long line of traffic building up from an accident, my saying is always the same, “Someone always has to fuck it up for everyone else!”.  And yes that is true,  especially to the tailgaters who are banging everyday decent drivers in the rear, and after the event has happened, they would rather blame everyone else.  Oh yes I’m pointing to you their, the one getting offended, why do you have to be an IDIOSO, IDIOT, DUMB MORON!!!

If you catch yourself laughing, than you know what I mean, we’re the one saying among ourselves with our hand up saying, “What is wrong with this idiot!, clinching our steering wheels, nodding our heads, and hopefully saying “GOOD FOR YOU!” as we pass on by to our next destination.

On the other hand, we know there are victims in these accidents, and we feel compassion for these people,and would do our best to call for help, but you idiot drivers, why do you have to mess things up for everyone else.