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The New Breed of Suc, called SUC-CESS!

A few weeks ago while I was working with a fellow coworker, the word “suck” had come to mind.  It was a hot day and detailing cars is a very physical demanding job requiring attention to the smallest detail.  One of the cars we were working on had pet hair and the worse type of carpet imaginable.  When we think of carpet, we imagine the type in houses where we are able to step freely barefooted and easy to maintain with a use of a vacuum, and Voila, clean carpet once again.

Not all car carpets are created equal, some cars have the type of carpet where the use of a vacuum does not suck up all the debris that fall into a vehicle, such as fine sand and smaller debris.  Even with the use of wire brushes and a power drill, there is no turning back that new car carpet of yours with just a vacuum.

Well anyways, going back to the concept, when we say “Suck” in moments such as vacuuming an unconquerable carpet, we associate that with the negative.  In that moment when I looked towards my co-worker, I said: “There is a new kind of suc,” he looked at me in disbelief, not knowing what I meant.

Once again as I looked at him while I we held our vacuums in our hands, sweating over this beautiful art I like to call “Ugly Carpet”,  he looked at me pausing, I said: “There is a new kind of Suc, I AM the new breed of Suc… that I like to call, SUC-CESS!”  He thought about it and smiled, even laughing to himself knowing that I had just turned a “Suck” situation into a positive one, confirming that I am a SUC-CESS.

So finally, I decided to run with this concept in mind in hopes that I’ll be able to share this with everyone, a concept that anyone can enjoy, giving that boost for your life, whether it be a physical one or in mind.  Thanks for your support.