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Stocks to Watch July 5 2017

Recently made a move on $OPXA, entry $1.10, exit $1.26, saw resistance on a year chart $1.35ish, even though the stock did fly up into the $1.40’s, just by looking at the stocks trend I decided to play safe and not get greedy07052017

The only other stock that has been on radar that met my criteria for a swing trade was $IDXG, lows in the 0.89 cent mark, today finally breaking out green, price target close to $1.35ish for those deciding to swing this trade, Cross Verified X4, now waiting for Empty Zone (EZ) for entry pointIDXG.png

Other stocks to watch, $CERU, powerspike today, waiting for a potential swing in the next couple days, looking for a pull back into to the 0.85 cents area and Cross Verification X4 before this becomes playable


Making use of our precious time

We go through many distractions in our daily routines.  Just our preparations for work takes a huge amount of our time in a day, roughly 8 hours.  With just 24 hours, that leaves us with 16 hours.  Lets take into consideration time for traveling, lets put an estimated 2 hours.  Now we have 14 hours left.  How about eating our meals, yup, another 3 hours deducted, 11 hours left.  Not to mention sleep, another 8 hours taken away, yup, 3 hours left.  Let’s take into consideration chores and other errands.  Those 3 precious hours, what do we do with that, how do we find the time, and what do we do with so little time.

That 3 or 4 hours is totally up to you on how you spend them.  The big question to ask yourself, if you were to progress through life and better yourself, what are we willing to do for a moment for our own development ?  View the bigger picture, what we do in life is the accumulation of our thoughts.  If we can only develop ourselves each and every day, we would set ourselves for a better future, and also set us in a better position tomorrow.  Just to take time even if it’s just 10 minutes a day to visualize our thoughts and plan.  It could be through a little bit of reading, learning new things, a different insight of life, and even helping others.

What ever those moments are, those precious moments and necessary for development to daily success.  Success doesn’t have to be monumental, it could be something as small as getting something done.  Every single day, we should be investing into ourselves if we want a better future.  So utilizing those precious time that you have in your day, use that time wisely, better yourself, and it turn your situation will become abundant.

*At this time this post was created, I have just under 3 hours till the stock market opens up, and realize I will have just under 4 hours of sleep till I wake up for work

No Negative Zone

Since the last time I had blogged, I had gone through a change of not accepting negativity.  Zero tolerance for negativity has brought forth a change unlike anything I had encountered in my 33 years of existence.

Prior to this moment in time, I recall all those moments I had become negative for any reason, that the negative moment had set back progression.  What I found more dangerous is the fact that my thoughts as well my words were the start of it all.  Just listen to any person out there and listen to the words that come out of their mouths.  You will find it even more shocking that what people say correlates to what is going on in their current lifestyles.

Knowing that one fact I decided to disconnect myself from as much negative areas in my life.  I started to be aware of the words coming out of my mouth and also the people I surrounded myself with.  Even to the point I had stay away from certain family members in the process.  Not to say I am not a family person, but when we are in our lives set to achieve a goal so monumental, it is destined for us to be on a path for success, temporary separation is necessary.

My results from just a month of no negativity is astounding.  After reflection of the last few weeks, there is an obvious change in my environment and progress.  I started noticing my progression in my own personal studies to self employment is more focused than ever.  It helps to be surrounded with positive forces that gives that extra push to achievement.  Second, the people that are around me are noticing that change in myself, which in turn has opened a mind set of a few others.  Overall, very beneficial not only for myself, but also for those around me.  Try it sometime.

Accept all things great that are positive and enforce a “No Negative Zone.”

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Best Pattern Set Up INNL

Too many times we have been distracted in life, we spend countless hours at work and preparing for work, and it seems like the only time we have to think is before or after those hours.  Even in those hours we have for ourselves, how many of us really do take that moment to just dream.  There is this spark within us from an idea, but not to long after that spark we get distracted, and later think of what was that sparkle of idea.  From my blogs, I only hope to benefit others through my thoughts put into words, and hope that someone will benefit from it.  Live as though those dreams are already here.  Believe and act as though those moments are already here.  I would love to hear success from my readers who get that glimpse of achievements that awaits them.  So from this point on, I would love to pass on my positive vibrations in  hope that you the readers will find happiness from within.  Thanks for your support.