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BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotic

Being that I am big into health these days, converting most of my eating habits to more natural and raw is the way to a healthy lifestyle.  At one point I was into supplements, but came to realize that most of the ingredients being used were items I were trying to avoid.  List of ingredients I noticed in most supplements I took included: added artificial coloring (why do we need that in the first place), silicon dioxide (anti caking agent), added sugar (why do we need extra calories when we are supplementing), as well as animal based ingredients such as pepsin.

To my surprise, I had taken a look a few items online that I would had thought first hand would had been great, but upon looking at just the ingredients, I knew it wasn’t such a great deal in the first place.

P3-OM Probiotic BiOptimizers is in comparison to other products online is in it’s own league unlike any other Probiotics I’ve seen.  P3OM Probiotic

Take close notice of the amount of CFU is 10 Billion, and notice that the ingredients is plant based, both plant cellulose and water, 250 mg of Lactobacillus Pantraum OM, and stabilized rice bran (considered a superfood and highly beneficial).  Being that the ingredients is plant based, I love the fact P3-OM Probiotic BiOptimizers is vegetarian friendly.  For those vegens who are looking for supplementing, I highly recommend that you take a look.

Here are a few other Probiotics that I have seen online, pay close attention to the ingredients and decide from there.


Notice the CFU count is 650 million, that is just 6.5%  of the 10 Billion count in P3-OM Probiotic BiOptimizers and Probiotic Blend 21 mg vs 250mg from P3-OM Probiotic, but when you know the importance of Stablized Rice Bran (Superfood), I rather take something that has a superfood included, thanks.


And last comparison, I do like how the CFU count is pretty high, starts off as plant based, but wait, under “other ingredients”, color added (why do we need that, is that to help color our insides, lol), Silicon Dioxide (anti caking agent), and Hypermellose (emulsifier/thickner used also in eyedrops, REALLY!)

As much as I support supplements, what comes into our bodies must be taken into consideration, so far in comparison P3-OM Probiotic BiOptimezers is hands down ahead of the game.

Feel free to click on this link to learn more, as well as check out other products for increasing muscle mass and the new HCL Breakthrough. Thanks for reading.